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Over inflated feeling of self importance...

So next June you will find me, amongst other places presenting at the NCHP conference.
Details here....Conference 2018

I'm talking about therapists being aware of the terminologies used in the GRSD/LGBTQIA+/Alternative Sexualities community to prevent therapeutic barriers.

Not only is this a completely ridiculously huge and unfathomable honour to be amongst such esteemed company but it also caused me to stumble a little at a very early moment.

I got asked to write my bio, that elevator speech, that Hiya I'm so an so aren't I bloody FAB-U-LOUS Darliiiinnngggg bit for the website.

Well that was where I stumbled.....

Faced with an empty page, words did not tumble from my fingers as there are now but writers block firmly took up residence inside my head, wrist, hands and eyes.

While talking to a friend about it I realised that actually I know a bit about stuff, nope I haven't been a therapist since year dot and I don't have quite such an impressive resume as some but in my own world I know my shit or shizzle as the Dogg might say.

I know and acknowledge my own personal experiences, I realise and point out in my regular supervision sessions my awareness of self to enable me to become the best therapist I can while joining my clients on their journeys.

But we don't blow our own trumpet very often, if at all and this 'homework' and the reflection it caused in me had the knock on affect of assisting a client of mine.

I now know how seriously difficult it can be to cram a few sentences with how bloody fantastic we are and so a clients homework was set of listing 5 great things about themselves.
I have heard it used as asking a client to start every morning by looking in the mirror and saying a good thing that happened or a good thing about themselves.
Maybe you should to try it?
Write that elevator speech, just a few lines but learn to appreciate how fantastic you are too.

I'm beginning to realise that although a tutor of mine always said I had excellent visualisation and metaphor skills, I never really believed it but that actually I really do.
I have realised that I can possess the ability to think of metaphors that translate when reflected upon but to some may appear outlandish.

On my very first weekend, I literally went to space in light trance and that's where it started. I worried about searching for a modality, what type of therapist am I? I was worrying about all the wrong things, the incidentals because what matters is with appropriate supervision, training and effort the art of performing therapy is a truly beautiful thing.

I draw from everywhere, everyone and my initial modality leanings have over time expanded into integrative therapy.

What I have learnt is rapport matters and whatcha know I'm bloody good at that.

So I sat down to write and did get it done, all while half joking I need an over inflated feeling of self importance to find the right words to measure up.

What is the point if we aren't continually learning about ourselves and others.

Embrace who you are because what you thought were faults, you may eventually realise is your USP.


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